Taking Part

You can take part in our open days (Trolleydays) in various ways:

Period and Classic Vehicles

Our programme of Trolleydays features a number of events when period and classic vehicles are on display. If you have an interesting vehicle and are able to bring it to the Trolleybus Museum to display, we’ll be delighted to see you providing we have space.

All we ask is that you check with us first by using our contact form.

However, for the Sandtoft Gathering (the last Sunday in July) and the Isle of Axholme Running Day (the third Sunday in October) you will be asked to make a formal booking. There may be an entry fee for these events.

Sales, Charitable Causes and Information Stalls

We usually have room for sales and other stalls, either on the grassed area in the centre of the trolleybus circuit or under cover in our depot building, for a modest charge. Please contact us with details.

Drama Groups

The Trolleybus Museum has a period street scene where its trolleybuses operate, so is well-suited for drama groups to come along on Trolleydays in period dress to generally have fun and add to the atmosphere or even to stage small pieces of drama. Please contact us.

Period Interest Exhibitions

If you are part of a local history group or have a collection of interesting period items or machinery, social history and the like, would you be interested in staging an exhibition or display at the Trolleybus Museum on one (or more) of our Trolleydays? Contact us to discuss the options.

Car Club “Meets”, Shows and Rallies and the like

On Trolleydays the Museum usually has the space and infrastructure to host car club “meets”, shows and rallies, so we’re always interested in discussing with organisations how their events could be staged as part of our open days. Contact us if your organisation is interested in such an opportunity.