Volunteering at the Museum


See the Open Days Calendar for more information!

Our Museum has been developed and is still operated entirely through the effort of volunteers. We have come a long way since 1969 when it was founded, to being an Accredited Museum under the scheme operated by Arts Council England and having the largest collection of historic trolleybuses in the world, many of which are operational.

We have big plans for taking the Museum forward into the future and we need more volunteers to help translate those plans into reality.


Volunteering – What’s it about?

Trolleybuses are of course the centrepiece of the Museum. Whilst it takes a lot of effort to keep them running and to undertake renovation work to bring more of them up to standard, you don’t need to have an interest in trolleybuses to volunteer. For example, there is a wide variety of maintenance work needs doing to keep the place looking smart and tidy.

In simple terms, you give us as little or as much of your time as you want (or are able) to do things that will help us.

Volunteering can benefit you if you are between jobs (it’s something to add to your CV), want to get out and meet other people, want to help a good cause, are recently retired and want something to fill some time, or simply have some time to spare. We have volunteers at the Museum of all ages and from all walks of life. Meeting and working with other volunteers can be great fun and allows you to build up some great friendships. And, some “back office” jobs can be done remotely.

Doing something “different” can also be very enjoyable and even therapeutic. Working on a project and seeing it progress can be very rewarding, as can using your skills and know-how to help make something happen at the Museum that others will appreciate. Skills and experience aren’t essential and many of us have learnt new ones at the Museum. Some degree of commitment is however necessary so we can properly plan tasks. Enthusiasm and energy also helps!


We need volunteers

  • On open days, to help make things go with a swing for our visitors
  • During the week to undertake administration, maintenance, gardening, painting, construction, vehicle and other projects, and staffing for private visits (some of these tasks can also be performed on open days).


The best way to offer your services is to visit us at the Museum on an open day. Alternatively, write to us at the Museum address or use our contact form, and we can arrange a friendly chat with one of our Directors.