The Sandtoft Gathering 2022

It’s back!

Because of Covid we weren’t able to hold the Sandtoft Gathering in 2020 or 2021, but it’s back for 2022 and better than ever!

What is the Sandtoft Gathering?

Our biggest and best event of the year. In addition to our usual attractions there will be:

  • Visiting car, lorries, buses
  • Extended motorbus tours of the local area
  • More trolleybuses in service – we usually manage to run at least 9, rotating them in batches of 3 every few hours
  • Real ale tent
  • Jazz band


When is it?

The Sandtoft Gathering is always held on the last Sunday in July. This year it’s on 31st July. The Museum is open from 10am to 6pm.

I have an historic vehicle – can I bring it?

Yes – vintage road vehicles are welcome – and even some newer ones often take part, at our discretion. Although there’s no entry charge (and the driver plus two passengers get free admission) we do need you to complete an entry form, which can be downloaded here  or you can complete an on line form below.Show More

    First, please read the terms and conditions:

    • Free vehicle entry and free admission tickets are only valid if arriving with the vehicle you have entered, or with a substitute similar preserved / historic vehicle. The driver and two passengers get free admission, but you will still need to present a ticket voucher to enter the Museum.
    • Additional passengers MUST pay normal entrance charges. The purchase of admission tickets in advance will speed your entry to the Museum. Prices and the ordering facility are on the downloadable booking form and the on-line form.
    • We would prefer to communicate via email and send your voucher for admission tickets electronically. However if you would prefer a paper  voucher please enclose a S.A.E. with your application, or add postage if using the on-line form.
    • Entries should be received no later than 17 July 2022 for inclusion in the programme, and entries received after 24 July 2022 will be accepted at the discretion of the Gathering Officer.
    • Each vehicle entry attending the event will receive an attendance plaque – this can’t be guaranteed for entries received after 9 July 2022.
    • Free vehicle entry for any vehicle less than 20 years old is at the discretion of the Museum Management.
    • All visiting vehicles must be insured for use both on and off the highway. Only authorised and insured drivers holding a full driving licence for the class of vehicle involved may drive vehicles within the Museum and on land used by the Museum for this event. Please note that a lot of road traffic law, including drink- and drug-driving legislation, also applies to driving on private property where the public have access.
    • Sales stands adjacent to displayed vehicles are chargeable and subject to the conditions for stall holders (see below for stall booking details).
    • The instructions of Trolleybus Museum officials must be followed at all times.
    • At no time must a visiting vehicle cause an obstruction, otherwise it may be moved by Museum staff.


    Can I bring my sales stand?

    Yes – we have spaces in the depot building as well as outdoors. If you’re bringing a vehicle, a sales stand pitch next to it also needs to be booked and paid for. To book a stall please use the on-line form on the Bookings page.