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Find out more about Doncaster here.
Find out about other attractions and events in and around the Sandtoft area.
Home of the Finningley Amateur Radio Society which is located just down the road from the Sandtoft Museum.
Airfield based just down the road from the Museum. Fly yourself to Sandtoft!
Historic local village where Methodism was founded.
Supplier of telescopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, tripods & accessories
Independent Fire and Rescue Service
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The museum is operated entirely by volunteers and is open on selected days only. Click on the highlighted dates in the calendar or

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for details of what is scheduled for any one open day. You can also view full details of our facilities and attractions.

The Trolleybus Museum
Belton Road, Sandtoft, Doncaster
North Lincolnshire, DN8 5SX

for cars and coaches

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