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2019 Events Information & Publicity Material

  • 2019 Trolleydays Guide - this will be uploaded shortly
  • 2019 Trolleydays poster - this shows the dates of our open days during 2019, our 50th Anniversary year
  • 2019 Coach & Party Visits leaflet (A4 format) - this will be uploaded shortly
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  • 2019 Free Bus Timetable & Guide - this will be uploaded when details have been finalised

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Sandtoft Scene

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Text and Links Accompanying Scene
April 2017
April 2017
Scene 105

No links

January 2017
January 2017
Scene 104

Financial Directors AGM Presentation

October 2016
October 2016
Scene 103

No Links

July 2016
July 2016
Scene 102

Sandtoft in the press
“On the buses flashback for family fun” in the Hull Daily Mail on 7 May.
A similar article by Joanna Lovell with more photographs and a short video sequence

The Trolleybus Museum Trip Advisor page

April 2016
April 2016
Scene 101

Northern Museums Volunteer Pass

Scene January
January 2016
Scene 100

Twilight Running on 31 October 2015

11-minute YouTube video made by Rob and Diane Woods of RI Galleries

Scene October 2015
October 2015
Scene 99

Sandtoft Gathering 2015

8-minute YouTube video made by Rob Woods of RI Galleries

Scene June 2015
June 2015
Scene 98

No links

Scene April 2015
April 2015
Scene 97

One that got away

Further photographs of Glasgow Trolleybus TBS21:

Damaged and neglected, TBS21 in the yard at Spittalfield formerly occupied by A & C McLennan, 10 August 1992.                                Two photos on flickr by “Guy Lowlander”

Several views of  TBS21 seen on a low loader on the M74 not far from Glasgow, and photographed parked in a service area – May 2014 
January 2015
January 2015
Scene 96

A Most Unusual Relic
Links to referenced newspaper articles from April 2014:

    Wolverhampton Express and Star item: “You’re not off your trolley, it’s a home”
    Facebook discussion about Birmingham Evening Mail article, including a link to the article entitled: “All aboard: Wolverhampton bus bungalow is just the ticket at Birmingham auction”

European weekend
Epworth Bells article: “Dance group Moxie Brawl entertained crowds with two performances”

St Leger Rally and Isle of Axholme Running Day
The Star article: “Rally attracts visitors from far and wide”

October 2014
October 2014
Scene 95

Sandtoft Gathering 2014

Three videos of the event on YouTube:

    45-min recording by Mollsmyre
    16-min recording by Affiefilms
    14-min recording by Shaun Bradbury

“Next stop the Trolleybus Museum”
News item and video clip in the online version of “THE STAR” (a Doncaster local paper)  

Blues and Twos weekend
A short video of the “Blues and Twos” activities, filmed using a head-cam by fire-fighter Chris Howarth    

 News Round-up:   “On the Yorkshire Buses” on Channel 5
Link to Episode 5 – with footage of the Trolleybus Museum and Miles Cartwright driving Doncaster 22 to the Big Bus Day in Hull.
(This sequence starts approximately 20 minutes into the programme)
The Restoration of Ipswich 105
A short video, courtesy of Ipswich Transport Museum Chairman Mark Smith, of 105's first “power up” on 5 April 2014 at East Anglia Transport Museum, following many years of hard work in restoration. An exciting and proud moment for all involved - the vehicle was last driven under its own power in Ipswich in 1962.

July 2014
July 2014
Scene 94
No links
April 2014
April 2014
Scene 93
YouTube video - "Glasgow Memories" - films of trolleys and trams in old Glasgow

Three short films, including one from 1966 with trolleybuses running between Gorbals and the City Centre.

The Trolley-bus and Shavarsh Karapetyan

An extraordinary incident in Armenia in 1976 when a trolleybus toppled off a bridge into Yerevan Lake. A champion swimmer dived in and rescued many of the trapped passengers. Click here for article 1 and click here for article 2

A trolleybus relic in Belfast

A surviving traction pole in Belfast, where the last trolleybuses ran in 1968.Click Here

"World's worst drivers" video clip

Recorded in a Russian city when a broken-down car gets attached to the back of a trolleybus, in an attempt to get it started. Click Here

January 2014
January 2014
Scene 92
Official Trolleybus Museum Facebook page

You will need a Facebook account to gain full access to this page.

Google Maps - Trolleybus Museum Virtual Tour

Click Here

Trip Advisor Reviews of The Trolleybus Museum

Click Here

Doncaster 375 Restoration Pictures

Click Here - you will need a Facebook account to gain full access to this page.

YouTube video of Gathering 2013
October 2013
October 2013
Scene 91
No links
July 2013
July 2013
Scene 90
Sandtoft Scene 90 - Doncaster 375 Restoration

For more photographs of this project visit Bob Ashton’s Facebook page entitled:  “The Restoration of Doncaster’s last trolleybus”.
Please note that you will need access to Facebook to view this page.

Sandtoft Scene 90 - Sandtoft's Secret Revealed

Read the press item “House with fare old secret” on The Sun’s website mentioned in our article about Hastings 46:

Sandtoft Scene 90 - Trolleys on the Web

"Humble trolley bus reborn as climate super hero”  This recent article from the Vancouver Observer  very clearly explains the benefits of Bus Rapid Transit and trolleybuses

April 2013
April 2013
Scene 89
Sandtoft Scene 89 - Trolleys in the Press

Oxford Street trolleybus proposal
An article in the London Evening Standard on 18 December 2012
Click here to read

Sandtoft Scene 89 - Trolleys on the Web

“Going by Trolleybus: Marzahn as it once was”
10 images of trolleybuses on a rural part of the East Berlin system, in an album on the web site of German rail enthusiasts’ site “Drehsheibe” (or “Turntable”),6243372 (paste into your browser -  don’t click on the link - to avoid truncating the URL at the comma.

Walsall Trolleybuses - A film by Barry Coward
This video is compiled from 16mm film and 35mm slides shot by Barry Coward between 1967 and 1970.


Bradford Trolleybus Dewirement in 1972 – by John Fozard
Bradford 846 receives assistance from the overhead crew after a dewirement in the vicinity of Four Lane Ends. The 1972 working procedures seen in this video definitely fall well below today’s health and safety criteria. 

January 2013
January 2013
Scene 88
Sandtoft Scene 88 - Photo Album links

Photographs of London Trolley Weekend at The Trolleybus Museum

Photos of  London 1348 Donors’ Day (27 October 2012)

Oxford Street trolleybus proposal – London Evening Standard  18 Dec 2012

Recording of “The Trolleybus Lament” by Jim Jarratt (performed live at Sandtoft on the London 1348 Donors’ Day (27 October 2012)

October 2012
October 2012
Scene 87
No links
July 2012
July 2012
Scene 86
Sandtoft Scene 86 - Trolleybuses on the Web

The London Closure commemorations at Carlton Colville and Fulwell Depot have been extensively recorded, and a selection of videos and slideshows are available below:

London Trolleybus 50 at EATM Carlton Colville
A full hour showing the atmosphere involving the operation of eight preserved London trolleybuses (1, 260, 796,1201,1521,1348,1768 and 1812) at the East Anglia Transport Museum, culminating in the running together of the first and last London trolleybuses. 

London Trolleybus 50 at EATM Carlton Colville
London trolleybus 1348 made its public debut at the East Anglia Transport Museum over the 2012 May bank holiday weekend. Then on Tuesday 8 May, exactly fifty years after the last day of operation in London, 1348 joined with other London trolleybuses in a full day of activity.

Trolleybus 50 event in London
Showing special events to mark the 50th Anniversary of the end of London's Trolleybus era.

Commemorating the End of London’s Trolleybuses at EATM
This video is approx 24 mins in length and is as taken, with no editing, and shows the operation of 8 preserved London trolleybuses at the East Anglia Transport Museum Carlton Colville. It continues to the 8th May event - 50 years to the day - with 1521 decorated with posters and flags just as it was 50 years previously.
Trolleybus Arrivals at Fulwell Garage
Shows trolleybuses arriving at the Trolleybus 50 event in London.
London’s “Diddler” Trolleybus in Action
Filmed at the East Anglia Transport Museum, on Sunday 6th May 2012, this film shows the 1931 trolleybus which is nicknamed 'Diddler' in action at a special event to commemorate it being 50 years since the closure of London's trolleybus system in 1962.
Trolleybus Departures from Fulwell Garage
Shows trolleybuses departing from the Trolleybus 50 event in London.
Trolleybus 50 Newsreel
A tongue in cheek look at how Trolleybus 50 at Fulwell Bus Garage in May 2012, might have looked if Pathe Newsreels were still around! (Look out for The Trolleybus Museum promotional display in the background to Vince Cable!)
Anglia Tonight: The end of an era
Click here to view
April 2012
April 2012
Scene 85

No links

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