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You can take part in our open days (Trolleydays) in various ways.

Period and Classic Vehicles

Our programme of Trolleydays features a number of events when period and classic vehicles are on display. If you have a period  or relevant vehicle and are able to bring it to the Trolleybus Museum to display on one of those days, you should, as appropriate either download an entry form by clicking on the event below and then complete it and send it to us or (in the case of some Trolleyday Plus days) contact our relevant partner organisation for that day to find out how to participate. On other Trolleydays, you will be most welcome to bring a period or classic vehicle along to display - we just ask that you contact us in advance to make arrangements.

In 2019, you could bring your vehicle to:

Yorkshire Weekend Trolleydays (15 & 16 June), when we are looking for buses and commercial vehicles that worked in Yorkshire, and (on Saturday, 15 June ONLY) cars and motorbikes with Yorkshire registration numbers or connections - contact us. Please note that the display on Sunday, 16 June is being organised by the East Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club, so please contact them regarding that day

29 & 30 June – we are unveiling our full-size replica of a pioneer Cedes-Stoll trolleybus of 1911: the original vehicle was the first trolleybus in the UK to carry passengers (at West Ham during a demonstration of the technology in September 1912); it was subsequently demonstrated in Keighley (1913) to then be purchased by Keighley Tramways and used there for some 11 years. If you have a vehicle or bicycle dating from that era (i.e. from pre-1911 to 1924) you would be most welcome to bring it to the Trolleybus Museum to add a period atmosphere to the days. Contact us to make arrangements

Sandtoft Gathering 2019 (Sunday, 28 July) - this is the biggest event in our calendar when we stage an exhibition of old and modern buses and coaches along with vintage commercial vehicles, cars, vans, motor bikes and bicycles that are more than 25 years old. Click here to download an entry form (PDF file)

Military Vehicle Weekend (5 & 6 October) - we invite military vehicles of all sorts to come to the Trolleybus Museum to join those being brought by the Yorkshire Military Vehicle Trust – Contact us if you wish to bring a vehicle.

Isle of Axholme Running Day & Rally (Sunday, 20 October) - this event is organised by the Doncaster Omnibus & Light Railway Society (DO&LRS) and the whole range of historic vehicles is invited to take part, with opportunities to make up a completely vintage street scene as historic vehicles mingle with our operating trolleybuses. Go to the DO&LRS website for more information

 Transport Interest, Memorabilia & Other Sales Stands

Spaces will be available to purchase online for, amongst others, the following events in 2019: (click on the event to start the booking process):

Sandtoft Gathering 2019 (Sunday, 28 July 2019). The 'Gathering is the biggest event in our calendar and ALL the under-cover sales stand plots were taken up by traders in 2018 - thank you to them for supporting last year's Sandtoft Gathering and helping to make it such a success. Click here to go to the booking page for this year's sales stand plots.

Isle of Axholme Running Day & Rally (Sunday, 13 October 2019) - this event is organised by the Doncaster Omnibus & Light Railway Society .

Craft Stalls and Sales, Charity Stalls, Novelty Stalls, etc.

We are always interested to hear about stalls and worthy causes that might be suitable to be at the Trolleybus Museum on open days (and particularly on Sandtoft Gathering Day). Email us with details.

Drama Groups

The Trolleybus Museum has a period street scene where its trolleybuses operate, so is well-suited for drama groups to come along on Trolleydays in period dress to generally have fun and add to the atmosphere and/ or even to stage small pieces of drama. Email us if you (or your drama group) are interested in joining in with a Trolleyday, particularly our “themed” days. We are always looking for something new to add to our Trolleydays, so if you have any ideas how your drama group could be part of a Trolleyday, please contact us.

Period Interest Exhibitions

If you are part of a local history group or have a collection of interesting period items or machinery, social history  and the like, would you be interested in staging an exhibition or display at the Trolleybus Museum on one (or more) of our Trolleydays? Email us to discuss.

Car Club “Meets”, Shows and Rallies and the like

The Trolleybus Museum has the space and infrastructure to host car club “meets”, shows and rallies and other such events, so are always interested in discussing with organisations how their events could be staged as part of open days at the Trolleybus Museum. Email us if your organisation is interested in such an opportunity.

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